Your Afro Hair Deserves The Best — Key Ingredients To Keep It Healthy & Strong 


I can’t wait to be part of your hair care jour­ney! I’m very proud to present you my own hair care line. It con­tains 5 must have prod­ucts made of safe ingredients

Key Ingredients To Keep Your Hair Healthy & Strong

✅ Almond oil makes hair eas­i­er to manage
✅ Shea but­ter smoothens and soft­ens the hair
✅ Apple Cider Vine­gar stim­u­lates the hair growth by increas­ing the blood cir­cu­la­tion to hair follicles
✅ Cas­tor oil thick­ens and strength­ens the hair
✅ Jojo­ba oil adds shine and soft­ness to hair
✅ Biotin pro­motes hair growth
✅ Argan oil mois­tur­izes and con­di­tions the hair
✅ Avo­ca­do oil improves scalp health
✅ Man­go but­ter gives a nice hold for styles such as braid & twists out

Good to know!

Did you know that every Nat­ur­al Hair Kit comes with a com­pli­men­ta­ry hair con­sult where you can ask all your questions.
We also have a ready to use hair rou­tine avail­able on the web­site. Learn more

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