Class 1: How to make a Closure Wig

In this video you will learn how to make a wig from scratch. We will con­struct a Clo­sure wig and talk you through from begin to end. Please pay close atten­tion and write down all ques­tions you might have for Be unbe­weave­able after­wards. Enjoy!

Mate­ri­als need­ed:
Can­vas Head ( con­sult Be unbe­weave­able if you don’t know your size)
Bun­dles and a Clo­sure
Wignee­dles, hread and Wig­pins
Sil­ver Sharpie Mark­er
Pen and Paper

Please note we advise pur­chas­ing the Mate­ri­als from Be unbe­weave­able for the best endresults. 
It’s very impor­tant for the wig mak­ing process that the tracks are not too thick. 
The Wigk­it can be found under Hair Care and Wig Products. 

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