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Wig Grip

Our Wig grips are a must have product! Ben­e­fits Wig grip *Helps pro­tect­ing your edges  *Helps pre­vent­ing your wig from sliding *Helps blend­ing your hair line How to use it: 1. Make sure your hair is part­ed the same your wig is parted 2. Make sure your hair is braid­ed or in anoth­er flat and neat style 3. Place the … Continue reading Wig Grip

Wig Kit

Our Be unbeweaveable Wig Kit is all you need to create you own unit. The wig cap feels super comfortable, has stretchable fabric an holes in order for your hair/scalp to breathe. The shape of the cap and the lines will give you guidance in placing the bundles and closure/frontal in the correct way. Our Wig Kit includes: *1 Wigcap *1 Curved needle *4 T-pins *1 Thread *1 Elastic band *2 Wigcombs Please note that the Foam head is not included

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24″ Raw Indian Wavy Bundle Deal


Raw Indian Wavy Bundle


Raw Indian Wavy Closure


Raw Indian Wavy Frontal Frontal


Be unbeweaveable GIFTCARD


Wig Cap


Wig Kit


Colored Indian Wavy Bundle


Colored Indian Wavy Closure


Colored Indian Wavy Frontal


Wig Grip

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