Raw Indian Curly Bundle


What makes Raw Indian Hair such high quality?
Fact: 95% of Raw Indian Hair comes from the Indian temples.
Be unbeweaveable believes in providing the highest quality hair. To ensure this we visited India in person to do research and to meet with our supplier.

Authentic Raw Indian Hair has never been processed or chemically altered.

  • All cuticles are aligned
  • 90% of one hair bundle is from a single or double donor
  • The tonsuring process ensures all hair will be collected from the root
  • The root and tails of the Raw Indian Hair bundles are different colors

Raw Indian Hair is therefore the highest pure quality worldwide available.

Please note that all bundles are Raw. Meaning the hair/ ends are unprocessed, you will need Sedal (a Leave-In Cream) to define and moisture the Curls. Picture 2-5 are before and afters. 

  • Raw Indian Curly  is the perfect solution for ladies who desire beautiful curly hair
    Each bundle is 100 gram
  • Be unbeweaveable recommends a minimum of 200 gram for a regular sew in, this amount equals 2 bundles
  • For a full look and longer lengths Be unbeweaveable recommends 3/4 bundles
  • Complete your purchase with Sedal. Sedal is a Leave-in Cream used to achieve defined and moisturized curls. Pictures 1 till 4 are before (without Sedal) and afters ( with Sedal).



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