Raw Indian Curly Bundles


Please note that all bundles are Raw. Meaning the hair/ ends are unprocessed, you will need a Leave-In Creme to define and moisture the Curls. Picture 2-5 are before and afters. 

Raw Indian Curly  is the perfect solution for ladies who desire beautiful curly hair.
To achieve defined curls we highly recommend to use a curl defining product such as Sedal.
Be unbeweaveable recommends a minimum of 200 gram for a regular sew in, this amount equals 2 bundles.
For a full look and longer lengths Be unbeweaveable recommends 3/4 bundles.




Beautiful and REAL hair

Rated 5 out of 5
March 29, 2021

I’ve waited for approximately 3 weeks to give my review to test the hair since that’s when you get to know the quality of the hair and let’s me assure you; it’s the best hair investment you’ll ever make. The hair is soft ; full body; luxurious; healthy; beautiful; bouncy and most importantly real ( it’s Virgin people; no lies). It doesn’t shed ( yes ; it 👏🏽 doesn’t 👏🏽 shed at 👏🏽 all so you can 👏🏽 wash it 👏🏽 15 times; it will 👏🏽 move and still be full- AMAZING). So; I’m happy to let you know that this is by far the best hair I’ve ever purchase.
So within 3 weeks; I’ve dye my hair 3 times to get to my desired color ( no bleach) and rest assured; I hasn’t lost it’s life ; it’s not dry ; frizzy ; brassy nor lost it’s quality: In fact ; it’s just gets better. The advice I’d give is to follow the hair blog since it gives tips on how to maintain the hair and most importantly use the recommended shampoo; conditioner and Sedal : if you have all these tools; you’ll set! Another tip I’ve discovered; vinegar rinse does wonders and bring lots of life to the curls too!! Oh ; and make sure you buy your closure the same time as the full bundle since you get different texture of raw hair ; I made that mistake and I believe I have two texture but still rocking it though.
In addition to the excellent hair quality, at an affordable price – the customer is phenomenal and gracious: Daya and Lindsay are amazing when it coming to taking care of your hair need ; they are there to help and guide you make the right decision according to your purchase and not just to sell. They walk you through and answer to all your questions. The experience working with the ladies have been amazing; I recommend their hair brand as well as working with them. You will not be disappointed and definitely not walking alone in this hair journey.
To Daya and Lindsay; cheers to you two. To you all ladies looking for REAL VIRGIN RAW HAIR at an affordable price ; let’s this be your final stop; it’s good hair.
Lady D

Lady D

If you’re reading this it’s not too late …..BUY this hair right now!!

Rated 5 out of 5
August 18, 2020

I have searched tirelessly for affordable QUALITY hair and I think Daya was God sent (not exaggerating). I placed my second order before I even got my first one because I’d already placed that much trust into her brand. She just treated me like she CARED! What other online hair connoisseur will help you “hand” pick bundles virtually??? NONE that I know of and I know plenty. She sent pics/ videos as promised & was very reassuring about everything!! Can’t wait to get my custom blonde hair next!! Oh & YES my indian curly hair is freakin gorgeous, don’t be fooled AT ALL by her affordable prices! I bleached it, put red tint on it yet its still curly and soft. Oh, and BUY the Sedal from HER it WORKS!! I have been buying Yummy extensions since 2015 (so I know quality hair) but they literally charge an arm, leg, and kidney!! Daya’s hair feels much better and costs less than half the price. I’d be a fool to not stick with her!! && lastly, I hate it when I cant find the girl who left the review so I can ask her questions lol…soooo if you have any, don’t be shy just hit me on ig: jeannettamaria


Undeniable Excellence

Rated 5 out of 5
October 31, 2020

Unbeweaveable offers quality raw Indian hair and superb customer service. The hair is of excellent quality! Their bundle amount is more than generous! There’s no skimping on quality or service! I’ll definitely be a repeat customer. 🤩🤩🤩🤩

Dana Johnson

indian curly hair

Rated 5 out of 5
August 24, 2020

Indian curly
Sinds ik kennis heb gemaakt met dit haar wil ik niet anders. Het haar is prachtig en zo natuurlijk . Voel mij hierdoor erg mooi en vrouwelijk zoals het hoort. al twee jaren draag ik dit haar en wil ook niet anders omdat het bij me past. En wat erg belangrijk is,is dat al je vragen beantwoord worden alles wordt uitgelegd en belangrijk je geeft best wel veel geld er aan uit maar dat haal je er weer uit omdat het lang mee gaat dit haar (pruik). Dus ik ben een gelukkig mens. Dank je be unbeweaveble hiervoor.



Rated 5 out of 5
July 30, 2020

Haar is mooi vol, zacht en zonder klitten of haar uitval. Heeft weinig producten nodig om het haar mooi in model te krijgen. SUPER blij mee !! En de service is GEWELDIGG 👍!!!


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