Raw Indian Curly Frontal


Please note that all Frontals are Raw. Meaning the Frontals are unprocessed, you will need a Leave-In Creme to define and moisture the Curls. Picture 2 till 6 are before and afters.

A Frontal is the perfect solution to protect the natural hair. Please note it’s important to install the frontal in the correct way.
The full frontal also offers the possibility to make various sections like the midsection or a side bang. Our frontal is lace based and comes in the size 12” x 4.5′. Please be aware that the knots are not bleached yet. And please note that only 12-18” is Ready to Ship. 20”-24” lengths are coming from India first


Everything A+

Rated 5 out of 5
September 3, 2020

Everyone knows how stressful it can be to find hair of good quality. I was looking for a good frontal to replace my old one with. I approached the owner of the company and asked for some advise. She was so friendly and helpful. Usually I feel like companies just try to sell, and do not really have time time to thoroughly answer questions. That was not the case with this company. The owner even made extra videos and pictures (upon my request) which weren’t on the website. The owner was very honest and gave me good advice. From the beginning to the end, the owner was very responsive and kept me up to date about my order. When I received my order, the owner contacted me to see if I was satisfied. I am so happy with the frontal. The quality of the hair is very good (soft and becomes very curly when wet)! The lace on this frontal is really HD! Once I installed the frontal, I could actually say “what lace?” lol. I am super happy with everything from the item, to customer service (everything is actually on point and A+). I wish I could add pictures to this review. I would definitely recommend this frontal. I am going to be back for more purchase. I have found my hairplug, that’s for sure!

Jayy Chloe

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