How does the delivery work?

1. Deliv­ery
USA Ship­ments (Domes­tic)
Please note that we care­ful­ly pack every order. Deliv­er­ing qual­i­ty prod­ucts has our high­est pri­or­i­ty. Our pro­cess­ing time before ship­ping out your order is cur­rent­ly 5–10 busi­ness days. 

All orders are being shipped with US Post Office (USPS). Deliv­ery time depends on the select­ed option. 
Pri­or­i­ty ship­ping:  1–3  busi­ness days
Free ship­ping ( for order above $100): 3–5 busi­ness days
Express ship­ping: 
All track­ing num­bers are being pro­vid­ed per email by Pit­ney Bowes. Vis­it 
https://www.be-unbeweaveable.com/track-your-order/ for more information. 


Inter­na­tion­al Ship­ments
Please note that we care­ful­ly pack every order. Deliv­er­ing qual­i­ty prod­ucts has our high­est pri­or­i­ty. Our pro­cess­ing time before ship­ping out your order is cur­rent­ly 5–10 busi­ness days. We have two ship­ping options to choose from when it comes to inter­na­tion­al orders.


Ship­ping with USPS ( Unit­ed States Postal Office) is the most eco­nom­ic and will take around 10–15 busi­ness days  for inter­na­tion­al orders. Please keep in mind that this is an esti­mate. This ship­ping options comes with­out any extra’s.  When choos­ing this ship­ping option you will also not have any war­ran­ty when a pack­ages gets lost. All track­ing num­bers are being pro­vid­ed per email by Pit­ney Bowes. Visit https://www.be-unbeweaveable.com/track-your-order/ for more information. 

Ship­ping with USP is a guar­an­teed ser­vice and the deliv­ery takes for most inter­na­tion­al coun­tries 2–4 busi­ness days. This ship­ping option also comes with a sig­na­ture require­ment. Please note that all track­ing num­bers are being pro­vid­ed per email. Besides the track­ing num­ber you will also receive a time indi­ca­tion of the deliv­ery. 
Vis­it https://www.be-unbeweaveable.com/track-your-order/ for more information. 


2. Ship­ping address
It is impor­tant to pro­vide the cor­rect ship­ping address and to keep track of your pack­age by using the pro­vid­ed track­ing code. Please check your spam mail as well. If a par­cel is not deliv­ered or picked up at a col­lec­tion point,

Be unbe­weave­able is enti­tled to charge addi­tion­al fees for the return costs to Be unbe­weave­able. Be unbe­weave­able is not respon­si­ble if the incor­rect address was pro­vid­ed. Be unbe­weave­able is also not respon­si­ble for any addi­tion­al costs to rede­liv­er the pack­age or when the pack­age is wrong­ful­ly deliv­ered and can­not be retrieved.


3. Cus­toms
Please be aware that Be unbe­weave­able is not respon­si­ble for any extra import costs. The cus­toms in your coun­try could charge for an inter­na­tion­al pack­age. Con­tact the cus­toms depart­ment in your coun­try for more infor­ma­tion.
If a pack­age gets lost Be unbe­weave­able will do all pos­si­ble to resolve the problem. 

4. Delays
Please note delays can occur for Domes­tic and Inter­na­tion­al orders. Delays can occur due to var­i­ous rea­son such as delayed or can­celled flight, cus­toms that needs more time to inspect pack­ages, employee’s short­age etc. We will do our best to pro­vide infor­ma­tion about your pack­age but also Be unbe­weave­able is lim­it­ed to the infor­ma­tion pro­vid­ed by the track­ing code.


Covid updates

1. COVID-19
Please note that due to COVID-19 espe­cial­ly inter­na­tion­al ship­ping can take longer than usu­al. Be unbe­weave­able is not respon­si­ble for extend­ed deliv­ery times due to this world­wide pan­dem­ic. Con­tact the Ship­ping Agency for any spe­cif­ic infor­ma­tion. Also Be unbe­weave­able is lim­it­ed to the infor­ma­tion pro­vid­ed by the track­ing code.



Do your prod­ucts have warranty?

1. War­ran­ty

Hav­ing a high-qual­i­ty stan­dard is very impor­tant with­in our com­pa­ny for the prod­ucts that we sell. If a prod­uct does not meet your expec­ta­tions, please con­tact us via Info@be-unbeweaveable.com

After eval­u­a­tion of the prod­uct by Be unbe­weave­able and/ or the man­u­fac­tur­er we will decide the prop­er solu­tion. 
Be unbe­weave­able is not liable for dam­age to our Raw Indi­an Hair that have been caused due to any form of chem­i­cal treatment.

Kind­ly note that the com­plaint will be marked as set­tled when advise giv­en by Be unbe­weave­able is not being fol­lowed by the cus­tomer. 
After mak­ing Be unbe­weave­able aware of a com­plaint, there will be a 1‑week time­frame start­ing from the day of the com­plaint to come to a solu­tion. It is impor­tant that any agree­ments regard­ing to mak­ing a call appoint­ment, deliv­er­ing addi­tion­al evi­dence or any oth­er instruc­tions will be ful­filled by the cus­tomer with­in a week. Or the com­plaint will be marked as settled


Do you accept Can­cel­la­tions, Returns, Exchanges and Refunds?

1. Can­cel­la­tions, Returns, Exchanges and Refunds

Thank you so much for pur­chas­ing Be unbeweaveable. 

We val­ue pro­vid­ing the best qual­i­ty to our cus­tomers. After we receive the hair from India at our head office in Mia­mi it will be care­ful­ly packed to be sent to our cus­tomers. You can be sure that you are the exclu­sive and sole own­er of all items pur­chased. To assure this all our web­site pur­chas­es are final sale. No can­cel­la­tions or changes can be made after the order has been placed.

If the incor­rect address/ e‑mail was pro­vid­ed, please reach out to us as soon as pos­si­ble by info@be-unbeweaveable.com 

If the pack­age is not shipped we might be able to adjust these details.


Impor­tant to know!


Please note that all our hair is 100% Authen­tic Raw Indi­an Hair and not chem­i­cal­ly processed. Mean­ing that every Bun­dle, Clo­sure or Frontal can be dif­fer­ent in Col­or or Tex­ture. Most items are col­or 1B, but you may also receive items that are more black or brown­er. Be unbe­weave­able will always do our best to match all Bun­dles, Clo­sures and Frontals per­fect­ly as possible.


Keep this also in mind while plac­ing sep­a­rate hair orders to be worn in the same wig/weave install­ment.
Be unbe­weave­able is not respon­si­ble for dif­fer­ence in texture/ col­or espe­cial­ly while plac­ing sep­a­rate hair orders.



Please note that the lace is not ini­tial­ly made to be bleached. Bleach makes just like hair also the lace weak­er. This can some­times result in hair appear­ing at the inside of the lace. Be aware of this when buy­ing ready to ship wigs or plac­ing your cus­tom wig order. 



Please note that all Cus­tom Wigs are Final Sale.  It is the cus­tomers respon­si­bil­i­ty to fol­low the giv­en instruc­tions to pro­vide the cor­rect head mea­sure­ments. Click here to watch the tuto­r­i­al ‘how to take cus­tom head measurements’



Please note that all deposits for the Wig Mas­ter Class­es are not refund­able. It is impor­tant to make sure that you are avail­able on the select­ed date since this time slot is exclu­sive­ly booked for you.
1. When you sched­ule a pri­vate Wig Mas­ter Class, please make sure you are avail­able on the select­ed date. In case you of resched­ul­ing you will have to pay the full fee first.
2. A Pri­vate Wig Mas­ter Class may only be resched­uled once.
3. In case of resched­ul­ing, a new date must be booked with­in a week.

4. A new date can only be booked for the same or fol­low­ing month. And must be with­in the same year, deposits can­not be trans­ferred to the fol­low­ing year.

5. All group class­es are final sale.
Click here to book your Wig Mas­ter Class



Kind­ly note that all Nat­ur­al Hair Care Kits are final sale due to hygien­ic rea­sons. 
If a prod­uct is dam­aged, defec­tive, or miss­ing please reach out to info@be-unbeweaveable.com

Please pro­vide pic­tures of the pack­age and prod­ucts as well. 

Click here to shop the Nat­ur­al Hair K

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