'Start' Wig Master Class


Your Wig Making journey starts here!

My name is Dayanitsa Mauricia and I started my online hair business
Be unbeweaveable in 2014 after traveling to India. My full story on how I started can be read here. I’m very excited to share all my knowledge in this Online Wig Master Class edition. I hope you guys are excited as well, so let’s do this!

The Start Wig Master Class is a 90-minute video and will teach you how to create a handmade wig from scratch. You will be able to work at your own pace, and replay any part as much as needed. This tutorial is beginner friendly and the video does not expire. Please pay close attention and enjoy your Wig making journey!

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- Hand­made wig-

What you will learn
1. How to attach your Clo­sure cor­rect­ly to avoid bumps
2. How to hand sew the bundles
3. How to  avoid cut­ting tracks while still achiev­ing a flat end result
4. Bonus tips/tricks will be shared

Mate­ri­als you will need:
— Can­vas head, Please watch this video to deter­mine your size https://youtu.be/ULK9VF0h7co
— Tripod
— Wig cap
— Wig needle
— Wig thread
— Wig pins
— Clo­sure and two Bundles

Impor­tant: We advise using mate­ri­als from Be unbe­weave­able for the best end result. Wig cap, Wig kits can be pur­chased under the sec­tion ‘Reg­is­ter Today’.

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Additional information

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