Sedal Curly Hair Cream


Sedal is a must have staple product!

Benefits Sedal
*Sedal Curly Hair Cream is highly recommended to moisture and define Raw Indian Curly
*Sedal may also be used on Raw Indian Wavy, to enhance the Natural Wavy pattern
*Sedal is a lightweight product and doesn't weight your hair down
*Available in 6 different shades ( Almond is currently not available)

How to use:
Please visit for a detailed video

1. Apply Sedal on wet hair after Shampoo and Conditioning.
Just make sure the hair is not soaking wet.
2. Apply the scrunching method ( Please see video)
3. Let the curls air-dry.



Sedal Curly Hair  Cream is high­ly rec­om­mend­ed when it comes to Raw Indi­an Curly. It gives the curls mois­ture and definition.

Apply a small amount on wet hair after Sham­poo and Con­di­tion­ing.  Just make sure the hair is not soak­ing wet. Let the curls air-dry. You can also use Sedal Curly Hair cream to refresh the curls. Always make sure the hair is at least damp.

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Additional information

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