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Start your own profitable Wig Making Business today!
My name is Dayanitsa Mauricia and I started my online hair business
Be unbeweaveable in 2014 after traveling to India. My full story on how I started can be read here. I’m very excited to share all my knowledge in this in person Pro Wig Master Class. I hope you guys are excited as well, so let’s do this!

General information:
Total fee: 775
*375 will be deposit and 400 will be paid on the day itself

Time: 8.5 hours
Location: Miami, FL (Exact details upon reservation)
Lunch: Bottles water and lunch will be provided



-In per­son class where you will learn wig­mak­ing and cus­tomiza­tion of the lace-

What will your learn:
1. The foundation
— How to choose the cor­rect wig cap
— How to choose the cor­rect man­nequin head
— How to do cus­tom head measurements
— How to pre­pare your wig cap

2. Wig Making
— How to set up your sewing machine
— How to trou­bleshoot your sewing machine
— How to apply var­i­ous sewing machine techniques
— How to attach your closure
— How to attach your bundles
— How to make the inside of your wig look professional
— How to attach wig combs and a elas­tic band

3. Clo­sure Customization
— How to bleach the closure
— How to pluck the closure
— How to cut the closure
— How to tint the clo­sure and spe­cial tips/tricks

4. Final styling
—  How to style your wig, tips and tricks

Which mate­ri­als are includ­ed:
Elas­tic Band
Wig Cap
Wig combs
Bleach­ing Powder/Peroxide

You will be award­ed a cer­tifi­cate of com­ple­tion. Take home a beau­ti­ful wig and all need­ed knowl­edge and tech­niques to take your wig mak­ing skills to the next level.

Which mate­ri­als are exclud­ed:
This list will be pro­vid­ed in the con­fir­ma­tion e‑mail.  The Bun­dles are exclud­ed and avail­able for pur­chase. We advise pur­chas­ing bun­dles  from Be unbe­weave­able to ensure the best end result.

Impor­tant: Please bring a heavy duty sewing machine. Not all sewing machines are suit­able for wig mak­ing. The Sewing machine that we rec­om­mend will be pro­vid­ed in the con­fir­ma­tion e‑mail.

*We offer the option to rent a Sewing Machine for the day ( Only for our USA class) More infor­ma­tion will be pro­vid­ed upon request. 

* Wig mak­ing by hand is avail­able only upon request






  1. Rod­ney Owen Ernst
    5 out of 5

    The wig­mak­ing course was very help­full! She had all the time we needed!
    I would def­i­nite­ly rec­om­mend the wig­mak­ing course! 🙏🏿

  2. Elisee
    5 out of 5

    “I’ve nev­er worked with a sewing machine before but still chose to take this course.
    I’m very satisfied!
    She explained and showed me very clear­ly how my sewing machine works because I real­ly had no idea.
    She explains every­thing so clearly.
    She is friend­ly and very patient.
    It was a group course but the fact that she was able to give us all one-on-one atten­tion I real­ly liked!
    I def­i­nite­ly rec­om­mend this course!

    Daya Thank you for your pro­fes­sion­al­ism and your hospitality!”

  3. Mike
    5 out of 5

    “Excep­tion­al 1 on 1 Class

    There‚ are not enough stars here for the lev­el of qual­i­ty this woman pro­vides. I was not expect­ing the hos­pi­tal­i­ty and atten­tion I was going to get. Her vibe and per­son­al­i­ty matched all too well. I want­ed to take my time with this post because I felt so con­nect­ed to her and hon­ored she took her time with me. 

    I am not a fast learn­er but I learn. She did not get frus­trat­ed she kept her pro­fes­sion­al­ism and respect­ed me the entire time. The best part was her ascent, I always loved ascents and where they come from. You won’t believe where she is from when she tells you. 

    Be mind­ful of her list of sup­plies. I would rec­om­mend you get every­thing she rec­om­mends to avoid any delays. I was late, I had faulty equip­ment and I did not have any pri­or knowl­edge of what I was doing. Daya thank you so much for your time and thank you for your hos­pi­tal­i­ty. Oh and how could I for­get Rai­mon­do, an excep­tion­al host and Chef

  4. Yatele
    5 out of 5

    “thanks to daya i learned to make wigs with the sewing machine, it was my first time behind a sewing machine. she gave good expla­na­tion and patience. thanks to her I also give my own classes.
    thank you”

  5. Nathalie
    5 out of 5

    “I am beyond sat­is­fied! I fol­lowed Daya on social media for quite a while already, and was always impressed by the pro­fes­sion­al­ism she runs her busi­ness with. When I noticed she was going to have her year­ly vis­it to The Nether­lands and would be giv­ing wig class­es, obvi­ous­ly I had to enroll! And even though my expec­ta­tions were already quite high, she still man­aged to sur­prise me. 

    It was an extreme­ly long day (we start­ed at 8AM and I left the place at 6.30PM) but this only showed me how much patience she has. It was worth every Euro invest­ed and every minute of my time! Daya knows how to give clear instruc­tions and guide you through the process with­out mak­ing you feel stu­pid or inca­pable. She real­ly takes her time to explain every­thing and answer all of your ques­tions. Even the after­care is great. 10/10 would def­i­nite­ly recommend! 

    Daya, thanks again! You are a true entre­pre­neur and I wish you and your busi­ness all the suc­cess and growth you aim to achieve. You real­ly deserve it!”

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