Tailored Crowns Lace Tint


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Lace Tint by Tai­lored Crowns is a must have sta­ple product!

Ben­e­fits Lace tint
*Very easy to use
*Will make lace blend seam­less­ly with your skin tone

*No mis­takes can be made since Lace tint is not permanent
*Avail­able in 6 dif­fer­ent shades ( Almond is cur­rent­ly not available)
*Can be used on var­i­ous lace types

Impor­tant: Always make sure that the lace is lighter than the desired Lace tint shade

How to use it:
1. Shake well
2. Spray on the in and or out­side of the lace
3. Let it air-dry or use a Blow dry­er ( cold air only)
4. Check if the lace matches
5. Repeat until the desired shade is achieved


  1. Joyce John­son
    5 out of 5

    I have 6 bot­tles y’all!
    I was tired of pay­ing peo­ple to install my wigs and they weren’t cau­tious of my edges. So I decid­ed to try installing them myself. I final­ly learned to lay my wigs but noticed the lace col­or was always a lit­tle off even with foun­da­tion, it just was­n’t melt­ing. While on Insta­gram I stum­bled across “be unbe­weave­able” and saw that she(Daya) sold lace tint so I fig­ured I’d try it. That was the best deci­sion I could have made to help me install my wigs! When I say my wigs be laid hun­ny, I mean laid! Even my hus­band says I should­n’t ever pay any­one to install one because I’ve done them bet­ter than any oth­er per­son I’ve paid lol and that’s all thanks to this here lace tint! Thanks so much for your awe­some prod­uct and excel­lent cus­tomer ser­vice! You have a for­ev­er cus­tomer here!!

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