What makes Raw Indian Hair such high quality?

Fact: 95% of Raw Indi­an Hair comes from the Indi­an temples.
It is donat­ed by Hin­du women due to reli­gious beliefs.

Be unbe­weave­able believes in pro­vid­ing the high­est qual­i­ty hair.
To ensure this we vis­it­ed India in per­son to do research and to meet with our supplier.
We only pro­vide Raw Indi­an Hair in 3 tex­tures, that is sourced direct­ly from the Indi­an temples.

Authen­tic Raw Indi­an Hair has nev­er been processed or chem­i­cal­ly altered. And all cuti­cles are aligned to keep the hair from mat­ting and tangling.

- 90% of one hair bun­dle is from a sin­gle or dou­ble donor
— The ton­sur­ing process ensures all hair will be col­lect­ed from the root
— The root and tails of the Raw Indi­an Hair bun­dles are dif­fer­ent colors

Raw Indi­an Hair is there­fore the high­est pure qual­i­ty world­wide avail­able. Authen­tic Raw Indi­an Hair is also only avail­able in Raw Indi­an Straight, Wavy and Curly. All our bun­dles are unique and can vary in color/ tex­ture since all hair is com­ing from dif­fer­ent donors.

Authen­tic Raw hair from oth­er coun­tries such as Brazil, Italy, Malaysia, Rus­sia, Peru and Cam­bo­dia would be very hard to find, since females there are not shav­ing their hair off. There is sim­ply not enough sup­ply, there­fore all of these hair types are most­ly processed hair from China.

Authen­tic Raw hair also doesn’t look exact­ly the same. And doesn’t exist in var­i­ous grades such as 10A or in tex­tures such as Water wave,  Deep curly, Wet and wavy etc. These var­i­ous tex­tures are being achieved by chem­i­cal­ly pro­cess­ing the hair. Such as boil­ing, steam­ing, acid wash­es, adding fillers and even mix­ing syn­thet­ic hair with ani­mal hair.

Ques­tion to ask your­self. When look­ing for an Authen­tic Chanel Bag, would you go to a Chanel store or to a place where they sell var­i­ous brands? For this rea­son we strong­ly believe in only sell­ing 3 tex­tures and sole­ly focus on Authen­tic Raw Indi­an Hair.


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